How To Avoid Sexual Harassment Cases

The Equal Employment Opportunity commission (EEOC) defines Sexual
Harassment as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors,
or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, when submission to
such conduct is made, whether explicitly or implicitly, a term or
condition of an individual’s employment, submission to or rejection of
such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment
decisions, or when the conduct has the purpose or effect of
unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or
creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

Sexual harassment can include a wide variety of behavior and occurs on
various levels, ranging from:

- occasional comments, jokes, touching or gestures

- behavior that persists even after being issued a light, informal
warning or an isolated behavior that is more severe,

- repeated or persistent offensive behavior even after being issued
formal discipline, aggressive touching, or any behavior that is
clearly intended to cause offense, even if isolated.

There are two type of harassment under the legal definition:

1/ Quid-Pro-Quo Harassment

This is the when the employer makes sex a prerequisite to getting
something in the workplace. For example: ” sleep with me and you’ll
get the job.” That’s illegal. This type of sexual harassment is the
“casting couch” cliché. Quid-pro-quo can also include negatives. For
example, “sleep with me or you’re fired” is also illegal.

Obviously, the woman who is fired because she wouldn’t sleep with the
boss can sue.

Take for example a situation where the boss asks one of his assistants
to sleep with him in exchange for a promotion. She does it and gets
the promotion. Under the law, she has a claim, because her agreeing to
his sexual demands was a condition of the promotion. She also has a
claim if she refused and didn’t get the promotion.

However the conduct must be “offensive”. If two employees have a good
time exchanging sexual jokes, it would not be sexual harassment. If
one employee kept telling another employee sexual jokes that the
second employee found offensive, it would be sexual harassment. If two
employees dated and engaged in consensual sex, this would not be
sexual harassment. If one of the two then wanted to terminate the
relationship, and the other used the unequal relative terms and
conditions of employment of the work place to further the
relationship, this would be sexual harassment.

Jokes, pictures, touching, leering, unwanted requests for a date have
all been found by courts to be sexual harassment. Sexual harassment
can be between people of the same sex. Sexual harassment can be a
woman harassing a man.

Anyone who is offended by a sexually harassing environment may
theoretically sue. However, that employee’s offense must be
reasonable. An extremely sensitive person might not be able to
maintain a claim, because her feelings of having been offended were
not reasonable.

The reasonableness is evaluated by a standard that is the same as a
person in the victim’s circumstances. For example, what a reasonable
woman might think is a hostile environment is not necessarily the same
as what a man might think is a hostile environment. If it’s a woman
who was harassed, it’s the woman’s point of view that counts.

Victims of sexual harassment can recover for their lost wages, future
lost wages, emotional distress, punitive damages, and attorneys fees.

2/ Hostile Workplace Environment

Hostile environment sexual harassment is a situation in which the
employer, supervisor, or co-worker or customer does or says things
that make the victim feel uncomfortable because of his or her sex.
Hostile environment sexual harassment does not need to include a
demand for an exchange of sex for a job benefit. It is the creation of
an “uncomfortable environment”.

If a fellow worker is the one doing the discrimination and harassment,
you should follow the company policy and report the conduct to your
supervisor and Human Resources. Report it in writing to have proof of
the date you reported it, and be sure to be specific about the exact
nature of the discrimination or harassment. Saying things like Joe is
bothering me or harassing me is not sufficient. Also, saying that Joe
called me the “N” word once is insufficient. Don’t retaliate back, or
you can be fired.

Anyone who is offended by a discriminatory or sexually harassing
hostile environment may theoretically sue. However, that employee’s
offense must be reasonable. An extremely sensitive person might not be
able to maintain a claim, if his or her feelings, that have been
offended, were not reasonable.

Again, victims of discrimination or sexual harassment can recover for
their lost wages, future lost wages, emotional distress, punitive
damages, and attorneys fees.

There are steps that employers are advised to take to protect
themselves from employee sexual harassment cases. They should:

· ensure that sexual harassment policies and procedures are in
compliance with current state and federal laws.

· Circulate their sexual harassment policy, reinforcing commitment to
eliminating and preventing harassment in the workplace.

· Obtain written acknowledgments from employees regarding their
receipt of policies.

· Provide sexual harassment training for managers.

· Update sexual harassment investigation pro-cedures for compliance
with state and federal law.

· Train human resource’s staff regarding appropriate techniques.

· Conduct an audit of personnel files involving past sexual harassment
and discrimination complaints

· Update hiring policies and procedures

It is necessary for all employers to have a detailed policy statement,
to protect both themselves, and their employees.

The Sexual Revolution Has Changed Senior Living Forever

Senior Sex

A healthy and enjoyable sex life can be yours as you grow older thanks to the sexual revolution.

The long fought Sexual revolution freed men and women from traditional sexual roles. Men used to be the breadwinner, and women compliantly stayed at home to keep the house, and maintain the family.TV was all black and white and phones came with wires that attached them to walls. Sex was a necessary evil in order to make babies. Older people saw their roles as babysitters and home fix it men. Sex was rarely discussed, and a lot less shown. Sex was to make a family and it was just a job that somebody had to do. Pleasure was secondary to function in those days.

But that all changed with the swinging 60′s and 70′s. Birth control, namely the pill, turned sex into healthy entertainment. Sex was why people got together, not procreation. Movies, music and popular culture made it fun and exciting to be openly sexual. Traditional roles of the male provider and the woman being a passive sexual animal changed dramatically. Feminism told a woman that her orgasm was her own pleasure, and she could share her body for whatever reason she saw fit. Men, discovered that they could have sex with women and not be expected to marry the woman he had deflowered. A woman’s virginity was suddenly a burden to women, rather than a prize she was to keep for her true love. And grandma and grandpa were freed from babysitting and home repairs to explore the golden years like few before them had experienced.

The sexual revolution brought profound changes to the traditional man/woman relationship. Sexuality became something to be explored. Sex no longer stopped at 40, it just kept on going. And when even male physiology and ED raised its ugly head, a little blue pill came to the rescue, which along with fake boobs and tummy tucks made sex hot and enjoyable well into ones golden years. It became OK to be sexual now for as long as you live.

This was just part of the redefinition of our society that occurred. What changed as well, as people are living older, was the definitions and desires in regard to sex. Sex, like any experience we have, requires more intensity as we get older. It is normal for older people to seek greater variety and intensity in their sexual preferences.With the changes from the sexual revolution today, fetishes are on the rise.What was once bizarre is now normal. What were once our vices, have become habits!

Men especially, mature sexually in a predetermined path. Early in life a young man will show a predilection for certain traits or mannerisms in a desired mate. A older man recounted that in all his dating, he virtually always dated brunettes. When he got married (twice) he always married redheads. But on his maturation and passing from the breeding period of his life, his desire for brunette women returned with gusto.

Another stronger aspect of sexually maturing is the rise of fetishes. Every man has a few instinctively, as they lead his consciousness to find stimulation from certain sexual circumstances. It might be a desire for role playing or even group sex. But if you look at the total, holistic experience of his life, you can clearly see the pattern developing and developing throughout his life.

The sexual revolution has made it OK now for a man to be sexual and desirous of sex throughout his life. Modern sexual revolution outcomes has made that available to him. In regard to available sexual partners, the older male finds himself often in a reversed role from his upbringing. Now, as he has aged, many of his fellow men have died off or become absent from the dating world. This leaves the available single older male in a very desirous position. There are lots of older women, who have matured, many in their sexual prime, who cannot find a man to date! How lucky is that for the male, who although being older, has taken the steps to make himself sexually available and quite capable. A man can easily relearn what it takes to date, in a world that has completely changed from the era when he received his sexual roles and prescriptions. Now, that mature sexual male can find many sexual females who are now, more than willing to explore his fantasies, fetishes and expressions.

Senior sex may not be the same as in your younger years, but it can be even better.
Just remember some points:

As they age, sex for man may take a bit more provocation and stimulation. That is OK and normal. Testosterone levels may be lower so just compensate with herbal/ medical boosters if necessary.

Health may be an issue. Make sure you are doctor approve for sexual relations. Bad hearts or sore backs may cause modifications of the rough and rugged stud sex of ones early years!

Be aware of the new emotions regarding sex. Seniors may be free of the worries about pregnancy, but loss or financial concerns may be in place. Elder depression may decrease the desire for sex, but sex is often the cure for depression!

Talk about and expand your definitions about sexual pleasure. As one ages, what gives pleasure can change. Try new new types of sex and intimacy. Consider all the taboos gone! This golden age for you is all about what YOU decide is needed for your pleasures. Remember that the sexual revolution brought all types of sexual experiences to the table for you.

Remember romance. Flowers still work guys! Sexy underwear still gets the blood boiling ladies! Walks in the park and long night kissing can really seal the deal.

Finally know about the new STD’s. Sexually transmitted disease is growing rapidly in the senior community. Practice safe sex, for your health and your partners.

All in all, sex can be awesome in the senior years. The revolution may have been started by hippies, but as senior adults, this can be the best time of your life! Learn how to be sexually in shape and make this even better!